Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4: Fireworks/Heather

I knew this one was definitely going to be challenging for me. I tried to get a good firework shot last year and was unsuccessful. My camera doesn't have a firework setting and I was too shaky to get a good one.

This year I set up the tripod and Googled the best setting for fireworks for my camera. My results weren't much better. I had several factors working against me: unpredictability of where the bursts were going to be, most of the fireworks popping instead of bursting, my camera taking too long to focus (despite being in "bulb" mode) and two freaked out dogs-one of whom would not leave my side.

The fireworks are still being set off in full force but due to my dogs and my mounting frustration, I have decided to call it a night. Below is the best of my shots:

f16, Shutter Speed: 8, ISO 200, 70mm


  1. I like the feathery look. My bulb setting also had me put it in manual focus or in infinity focus, and set my f-stop at 8ish. I think for the finale I should have upped the f-stop. That's OK - I hope it's quieted down for you and the dogs.

  2. Mine said to have the f-stop between 11 and 16. I played around with it. I'm glad to have my camera back on the auto setting!!