Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How this came to be

A couple of weeks ago, I (Heather) was trying to tell a story at work about someone I know who belongs to an online community in which they receive photo challenges related to their particular hobby and post them to a group page. I could not remember the name of the website they upload their photos to so I e-mailed Selina, knowing she has done this before with scrapbook pages. The site she uses is not the one I was trying to think of, however.

This led to a back and forth discussion on photo challenges. We have both seen blogs for them and have friends on Facebook that (periodically) post their "photo a day" challenge photos. We decided this would be a fun thing to do and something we could do together despite our different locations-a rarity for us. We also decided that the pictures for each day's theme have to be taken on that day (which will definitely be a challenge itself!) and we have to post our pictures a least once a week (so be sure to look at older posts as we will most likely be posting on different days). Our challenges can be found on the "Today's challenge is..." page, which will be completed as we go.

We wanted people to be able to see our pictures together and ultimately decided to create a joint blog which would allow us to both be able to post our pictures without one of us having to e-mail them to the other and the burden of uploading them falling on only one of our shoulders-we're busy girls!

This is sure to be a work in process with some bumps and changes along the way. We hope you enjoy our different perspectives and welcome your comments.