Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 15: Black and White/Heather

I thought this would be a fun challenge and was looking forward to playing with the black and white mode on my camera. It turns out my camera doesn't have a black and white mode so I had to come up with a Plan B. Charlie was the first thing to come to mind but I thought that would be too easy.

I was on my way to lunch today when an idea came to me: I could put eggs in a frying pan. That turned into putting them into a bowl instead. I took a few pictures inside and then decided to take a few outside for different lighting effects. I decided to get a few more inside shots but my photo shoot was cut short when Charlie realized he could push the eggs out of the bowl and onto the floor, breaking three of them.

I am torn between two pictures and decided to go with this one because I decided the other one doesn't show enough of the bowl and shows too much of the driveway:

f3.5, Exp: 1/60, ISO 200, 18mm


  1. Cute! Did he try to eat the ones that broke? They'd be good for his coat. :) Great picture.

  2. Awww .. Charlie is so cute. Beautiful photo, Heather!

  3. He and Sammy did try to eat the broken eggs but I don't know how old they were so I didn't let them. I don't need anymore trips to the vet!

    Thanks Mom!