Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 31: Bridges/Heather

One of Portland's nicknames is "Bridgetown" so finding a bridge to take a picture of was not a problem. Taking a picture I liked, on the other hand, was the challenge. Several weeks ago I went on a bridge tour and took a great picture of the Marquam Bridge with another bridge behind it (not sure but I think it might be the Ross Island Bridge) so I wanted to recreate that. Naturally, I could not but I came close. I took this shot standing on the Hawthorne Bridge. The Marquam Bridge is a double-decker with traffic on the top heading north and traffic on the bottom heading south. It is my least favorite bridge on which to travel north.

f9, Exp. 1/320, 200mm

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  1. I love how you caught both bridges and the boat below.