Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 69: School/Heather

This could have been a real easy theme for me as there are both an elementary and high school within walking distance from my house. There is also an elementary school about two miles from work-right across from our first house. So I had plenty to choose from. But with school back in session, I thought it might look a little suspicious if a random woman was loitering around taking pictures!

So after work I headed over to the University of Portland campus to take my pictures there. I had a two-hour window between the time I got off work and when I had to be at the Food Bank to volunteer. The weather today was nasty, however, and when I got to campus it turned out I only had about a 15-minute window between downpours.

I'm not in love with any of my shots-I didn't get that many as there weren't many dry spots to shoot from. I have two versions of this shot-the other without the student, but I think this one has more of a school "feel."

f3.8, Exp. 1/80, 24mm

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