Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 65: Sunset/Heather

I asked if we could move sunset to tomorrow because I was meeting friends after work for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!) and shopping. I was afraid I was going to lose track of time and miss the sunset. Plus, I wasn't sure how good of a shot I could get from a mall parking lot.

Ultimately, I promised Selina I would do my best to not lose track of time. And that is exactly what I did. My friends and I just happened to be passing the front door of Macy's at the right time for one of them to say "pretty sunset," at which point I gasped so loudly I scared them both. We were on the way to the cash register and I tossed my stack of clothes to one of them and ran out to take a couple of pictures, only giving them a brief explanation before bolting out of the store (luckily, they know about this so that was all that was needed!). I gave an explanation using full sentences when I returned to the store.

f6.3, Exp 1/60, 70mm

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