Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 49: Sphere/Heather

When I saw that "sphere" was the theme for yesterday, I asked if we could switch it with "seam." A couple of weeks ago at "Flicks on the Bricks," my friend won 4 tickets to a Portland Beavers game and gave one of them to me. We decided to go to tonight's game.

Director's Park is right across the street from the parking garage I parked in for the game. This is a new park in Portland and has a huge sphere in front of the fountain that is dedicated to teachers. As the non-profit I do most of my volunteering for is for Portland Public school teachers and directly benefits their students, I knew I wanted this for my sphere.

f9, Exp. 1/100, 60mm

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  1. I love this shot. I think it's a great tribute to teachers and to a cause you are so dedicated too!