Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 45: Movement/Heather

I asked to move "movement" to today because I knew I was going to be at the Adult Soapbox Derby cheering on a friend. I thought that would be a great event to capture movement and was hoping to get a great shot of his car to use. What I ended up with was a lot of blurry shots taken in auto mode and some really cool shots taken in action mode.

I had one shot that I love but wasn't really sure if it really captured the theme, so I polled the audience-meaning I asked my co-worker and boss-and they said it did. This was taken looking towards the finish line and is the only race in which I was able to capture more than one of the cars in the same shot. (My pictures were MUCH better once I realized I could take them from this vantage point without getting yelled at or told to move).

Action mode, f5.6, Exp. 1/1000, 300mm

(This is one you have to click on to really get the full effect).


  1. Those look like they would be fun! I bet it was cool to watch too. How'd your friend do?

  2. They won crowd favorite with their Masters of the Universe themed car, which my friend designed. :)