Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 105: Starts with "B"/Heather

Indian Summer is my favorite time of year and it never lasts long enough. As it won't be long before I am going to and coming home in the dark and the rainy season will make outside shots miserable, I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day we had today and get an outdoor shot. I spent part of my lunch break driving around trying to find a cool, old barn but had no luck.

After work, I was volunteering at Schoolhouse Supplies, which is located on the campus of Portland's Madison High School. I was looking out the door, absently staring at the bleachers when I realized that was something that starts with "B." I had my camera with me so I went out and took a couple of pictures before the sun completely went down.

f7.1, Exp. 1/30, 48mm

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