Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 127: Nuts/Heather

I had a couple of ideas for this one. First, I was just going to use the nuts from a can of mixed nuts I thought I had in the cupboard, but it would appear I ate them all. So it was on to Plan B, which was to get a bunch of (hardware) nuts out of the garage and junk drawer. It turns out I have an overabundance of screws and not a lot of nuts-and some really random items in the junk drawer!

Since I couldn't find as many nuts as I wanted of the hardware kind, I raided the cupboard again and found several partially eaten and stale bags of various snack mixes. So I sorted the nuts out of those, put them in a bowl with the other nuts and created my own version of mixed nuts:

f4.5, Exp. 1/60, 70mm

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